Beauty by Briana


Meet your artist.

Helloooo!!! My name is Briana and I’ve been in a committed relationship with the makeup and hair industry for 10 years! However, my love for makeup didn’t grow until I entered college. I despised it until late high school when I started putting a little on here and there. Now I eat, sleep, and breathe makeup/hair everything. From commercial work to bridal to editorial, I love it!

If my journey had to be described in one word it would be “flow”. Flowing from one experience to another led me to places I’d never dreamed of. Starting from hand-me-down makeup and YouTube videos to working at multiple cosmetic retail companies to a licensed and insured freelance professional working with companies such as Ron Jons and the Kennedy Space Center. Every person that I’ve met, photoshoot I’ve done for trade, and event I’ve attended has led me to where I am now and I am so grateful for each experience.

I founded Beauty by Briana 6 years ago with the intent of helping others gain confidence and a new perspective on their outer appearance. That intention has grown and expanded since then. Now I also love being part of a bigger vision with commercial work and helping a bride be the absolute definition of beauty on her wedding day. Every client has different needs and my mission is to meet them, then go above and beyond. I take in every aspect of a look to make sure no detail is unnoticed. From event info and weather to clothes, accessories, allergies, face shape, eye color, skincare, and everything else in between. When you take that last look in the mirror I hope that you feel positively unstoppable.


Things about me:

  • Currently Watching: The Witcher Season 2
  • Currently Playing: Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • Currently Manifesting: A trip to the Phillipines
  • Latest Read: Healing is the New High by Vex King
  • I’m a proud dog mom of two big clumsy dogs
  • Current reigning champion of the title “Favorite Aunt”.
  • As a Florida native I have been struck by lightning (while driving), ran away from an alligator and watched shuttle launches more times than I can count.
  • The main ingredient in my coffee is creamer
  • Introverted by nature, extroverted when needed





Make Up Artist


All Out Badass!